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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tall Girl = Bad Posture

I have bad posture. Not sure the exact reasons why but I've boiled it down to two....

Reason #1. I am a 5 feet 11 inch tall amazon woman. As a kid, I towered over everyone, even the boys. I thought that slouching somehow would make me appear shorter but instead it just made me look doofier. Is doofy a word because I want it to be, but it's being underlined in red?


Reason #2. I have larger breasts that, after child birth, hang lower than they naturally should. I have to wear bras that hold them up and hurt my shoulders. In fact, my shoulders have canyon size divots in them from years of old lady bra abuse. Holding my shoulders back means lifting those puppies up and that's challenging at times!

Now that I am an adult, I am no longer ashamed of my height, but years of slouching has taken its toll on my body. Good posture is extremely difficult for me to maintain, no matter how hard I try.

"Chin up, Chest Out....Shoulders back..."

Lasts about 5 minutes before I am back in doof-land.

So I'm watching "Biggest Loser" the other night and one of the trainers was talking about desk jobs.

I have a desk job.

He said that people with desk jobs especially have to make time to move and work on their bodies. He said desk jobs where you sit in front of computer all day (That's ME!) are the worst for your posture!


He said there is hope for us desk job doofers though....

His advice:

Keep a resistance band at your desk...


Sit on an exercise ball!

He said that sitting on an exercise ball immediately engages your abs and makes you sit up straight.

YEEEEEE- HAAAAAAAA! That sounds fun! And I actually have one of those! I am sold! So I asked my husband to blow up the ball for me and I took it to work the next day and I sat on it. Yes I did. I am not lying.

Mr. Trainer Boy was right. It does engage your abs and it does make you sit up straight. But what he didn't say is that sitting on the ball would trigger our inner child and our natural born instinct to BOUNCE!!!!!

And bounce I did. All day long.....

Bounced until the words on my computer screen were blurring and making me dizzy...

Bounced until my bra became a sling shot...

Bounced until I forgot I was bouncing...

Bounced while speaking to my boss who said and I quote...

"What the hell are you doing?"

He couldn't see the bouncy ball I was sitting on from where he was so I showed him and gave him a look like "Hello? Haven't you ever seen anyone sitting on one of these before?"

Boing, boing, boing..... "Better Posture" I say....boing, boing, boing

He wasn't surprised because I've done dorkier he rolled his eyes and walked away unamused.

Ultimately, the exercise ball defeated it's purpose for me. I sat on it with the intention of correcting my posture problems. But instead, I bounced my saggy breasts right out of their holding cups and blackened my eyes! Ha! I am just kidding.

But seriously, I cannot sit on that thing and not bounce. It's impossible. Go ahead, try it if you want....

So for now, I've given up the exercise ball as an office chair....

I'll keep practicing good posture though....

"Chin up, Chest out, Shoulders back"

In the meantime I'm checking Webster's Dictionary to see if doofy is a word.

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  1. Chin up, chest out, shoulders back!! I love that you brought the ball to work. That is an excellent idea....let me know if doofy is in Webster.