Sunrise over the Caribbean, where my husband and I honeymooned

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's not a blob!

My husband has had only one request since I've been talking about my new blog. He asked that I not share the "intimate" details of our relationship. I assured him that his "intimate" secrets are safe with me and all 6 of my readers, but that I would respect his wishes and not talk about our sex life.

I am so sorry ladies, but even though I won't be able to disclose what a fantastic lover my husband is, I am able to share a funny little story with you.....

My husband had an appointment with a Gastroenterologist the other day. He came home with this look on his face like he had been violated. I can't tell you the "intimate" details but I am sure you can guess the trauma he had suffered being that he's a manly man and all. So of course I teased him a little until I could tell he was no longer amused. Suddenly he shouts out, "You're not gonna write about this on your BLOB are you?"

Yep, he called it a BLOB.

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