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Friday, March 12, 2010

"My Own Worst Enemy....."

Song relevance for today.....


"Can we forget about the things I said
When I was drunk
I didn't mean to call you that
I can't remember what was said or what you threw at me
Please tell me, please tell me Why
My car is in the front yard,
And I'm Sleeping with my clothes on
Came in through the window last night
And your gone..........."

I heard this song in the car this morning. Played it really loud and sang the words at the top of my lungs. I've probably heard the song a hundred times already but today I actually heard the words. I couldn't help but giggle as I was reminded of some really silly times with my friends. Surprised? Me too.
OK, so the song is about a guy who comes home drunk and his girlfriend leaves him, probably because she's been through this with him before and is done. He doesn't remember what happened last night, but knows he messed up. After all, he's his own worst enemy. Kind of a sad story to put to such an upbeat tempo! The beat makes me want to jump up and down as I have visions of being a rock star! So where did I find the humor in the lyrics? Once again...a song taking on a new meaning as I listened with my own interpretation...
I thought about me and my friends and the fun celebrations we've had. Things may be calming down some as we get older, but the memories we've created so far are quite amusing to say the least. We've really whooped it up at times, ridding ourselves of any inhibitions and on some occasions, suffering short term memory loss from a little too much Cabernet!
"Can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk?" I know for a fact that some of us wish we could take back stupid things we said or did. It's always fun when your friends remind you that you blurted out the specific details of what your post-child breasts look like and even worse...that you showed them! Or when you're shown the video of your confident-American-Idol-self beep bobbin and singing every word to "The Love Shack."

"I'm sleeping with my clothes on....." and a half eaten cheeseburger hanging out of my mouth! (This is a personal joke to one of my best friends who will get a good laugh out of it).

Of course there have also been moments of remorse, when it's not so funny because you've said something to someone that you regret or even worse, something rude was said to you.
"I didn't mean to call you that." At happy hour one evening, a friend of mine got called a smurf. And let me tell you, she was not happy about it! Don't ask us where the smurf comment came from or why it wasn't funny, because we really can't remember but I personally think smurfs are cute.

One would think, given the information in my recent blogging history, that the words "I Am My Own Worst Enemy" would have different significance for me. But today, it's simply just the title of a song that stimulated a really good mood and perhaps a few flashbacks......

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