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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Redeeming myself from yesterday......

Wow, talk about moody. My previous post obviously reveals a little anger and frustration. After some reflection on my written word, I’ve realized that I internalize stuff too much. I let what other people think get to me and I stew over it and let it rent way too much space in my mind! A better way to deal with opposing views and opinions would be to simply stand up for myself in the moment and assure people that my choices are no reflection on them. A friend of mine said that facing resistance is a good thing. It means change is in the air! Change is always resisted so the fact that I am feeling it means change is taking place for me. I should be celebrating being successful and realize that people resist because of fear. Fear of the unknown. I can calm their fears by revealing my true self through sticking to my goals and accomplishing good things. And I am positive that the changes I am making will only reveal a better me, not a different me.
Maybe some of my frustration comes from questioning my intentions. When others question me, I can’t help but to question myself. But I do have the right to be who I am; whoever that may be. I have the right to make choices. I have the right to change my mind and I even have the right to make mistakes. I also have the right to stand up for myself, something I need to work on a little more. I would truly like the ability to make my intentions clear to myself and to others in a loving manner so that people get it right away and don’t question. Something I will aspire to do.

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