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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Me Passion!

Writing is something I am good at. It is what I love to do. "It's Me Passion" (said like a leprechaun in the spirit of St. Patty's). But as much as I love to express myself through the written word, I don't do it enough. What does one have to do to be a good writer? The answer is simple, WRITE!

Thus, my blog! I started it for one reason and that is to write. I don't have a single theme and there isn't a rhyme or reason; I just want to write about stuff. And I have a little secret....I kind of want people to read it! So,I've been trying to venture out of the safety of my own blog-zone to find me some friends and to observe how other bloggers do it. There are some cool kid bloggers out there; I am impressed!

I've discovered that many blogs have themes. There are faith related blogs, recipe related blogs, and WOW a ton of blogs revolved around raising kids! I'm spiritual, not so much religious, I love to cook and I'm raising a tween son! All notable topics worthy of writing about, sure! But I think I'm too scatter brained to pick just one. I think I want to write about all of some! I think I want to write about things that I am thinking about. Yikes, I think I might think too much!

So far, I am glad that I started my own blog. It has spiked my curiosity and my creativity to a new level. I feel a little more disciplined these days and I seem to look at things a little differently too. I look for the humor and the lessons in simple daily life because now, I get to blog about it. And in visiting different blogs, I've felt a connection to other writers who are sharing their life experience. They have provided insight and have been rather inspiring to me as I attempt to nourish me passion.

I am excited to be having this experience as a blogger! My intention is to keep up with it as much as I can and to grow; To stay inspired; To live in the moment; To experience life and to write about it!


  1. Yes, I understand you!! I am an Ecletic Blogger too! A little bit of everything passes through my blog from humor and my family
    to my part-time job and intersting life experiences/past!! good luck to you!!

  2. Keep it up, I love it, you have a way with words and I want more. Oh, and I am waiting for that book....