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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Old Faithful

I'd like to start by saying that doofy is not a least not in the Webster dictionary, but it will remain in my personal vocab.

With that being said.............

Wow.... I seemed to have lost my blogging motivation there for a little while. Bloggers Block caused by massive hormonal changes in my bod! I recently had a 5 year IUD removed and went on a birth control pill called Seasonale. I will only get my period 4 times a year! Sounded fantastic to me considering my disorder with premenstrual problems. BUT in the meantime, as my body is attempting to adjust to the hormonal changes, I have been an emotional wreck. For a couple of weeks I haven't been able to control my feelings at all! I have felt sadness, anger, extreme excitement, happiness, anxiety, lack of interest in sex, disappointment, fatigue and just overall NUTS!

But I am happy to report that I kept consistent with physical activity and I also kept the faith in "this too shall pass." And it has, for now. The last couple of days have been better and today I actually feel pretty great.

Being a person of deep constant thought, of course I am kicking around ideas as to why the difference in attitude from a week ago to present day. I want to know the why's and how's so I can work through this if it happens again! I think I've gained some clarity....

The obvious reason number one....

"Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!!!!" The sun was brightly shining for 4 whole days! There is something to be said about the power of the sunshine and how it can elevate your mood! I suppose I am not the first person to make this revelation. Someone somewhere along the line figured out that there was such a thing as Winter Blues which ultimately is caused by lack of vitamin D that comes from sunshine!!!!! I love the spring and the warmth the sun brings to my body and soul! Vitamin D me baby!

Better mood reason number two... Old Faithful. I think my body was in PMS mode, even though I am not suppose to have a period this month, my body has been trained and molded over the years to go postal....I mean premenstrual twelve times a year....FAITHFULLY. Trying to groom Old Faithful to go off 8 less times a year is going to have it's challenges. Big time. The good news here for me is PMS has subsided, I never had an actual period (Old Faithful didn't explode) and I got ME back for the time being.

Better mood reason number three... I make me laugh! Almost daily, but that stopped for a teeny weeny moment in time (did I mention PMS, hormone changes and lack of sunshine?).

Yesterday I went to the dentist. After the hygienist was finished cleaning my teeth and swelling my gums she asked me what color toothbrush I wanted. I said,

"Oh, I dunno, maybe a girlie color since I live with two boys."

From behind me I hear the voice of my dentist (who is a big burly man) say,
"What do you consider girlie colors?"

Mind you, I am still reclined in the chair and he is behind me; I cannot see him.

"Oh, like red or purple or pink....something like that."

"I have red." The hygienist says, in a voice that wasn't as bubbly as it was before.

"Ok red is good." I say. "My favorite color is blue, but Tyler's toothbrush is blue and........."

I am suddenly silenced as my dentist approaches to do his check up on my teeth.

He is wearing a pink shirt.


What else could I do but laugh? I forgot that it is cool for guys to wear pink now. I didn't even attempt to redeem myself. I just laughed and let him do his thing in my mouth (get your mind out of the gutter, did I mention he was wearing pink..), hoping and praying that he had not taken offense to me calling him girlie.

I have laughed about this story several times already thus confirming....
laughter is the best medicine of all!

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  1. i had to get a bigger mouth to accomodate my ever-present feet!!!

    that's hilarious about the shirt! i'm gonna pretend like you didn't just tell me that doofy's not a word...and keep it in my personal vocab, too!

    my dad used to always make up words, when he coudln't think of a correct "big" word to use.

    like..."inveneral," which doesn't matter.