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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dream symbolism

Could my crazy dream last night be symbolic of my life in some way?
Before I tell you the details of my dream, maybe I should lay out the foundation of my current situation. If you read my post about Lent, you already know that CHANGE is in the forecast for me. I wasn't specific yet in what changes I am actually making but I figure if I am going to be honest with myself, I can probably start by putting it out there to my readers (all three of you, ha!)
To start, I have made a decision to quit smoking. If you are in my close circle of friends, you will know that I have quit a hundred times only to start again. I have had some good quits under my belt; once for two years even! I have come to realize that what brings me back most of time is drinking! I'm a social drinker, have been most of my adult life. But as I get older, it's getting old. And it isn't helping my desire to live a healthy life style. With that being said, I am at this moment, 4 days smoke free. I really want it to stick this time so to ensure my success, I have decided to cut out the alcohol too, for a good long while. It will be good for me in more ways than I could ever list here. But for starters, it will help me to be more disciplined in healthy eating and exercising. I love to exercise yet find myself making excuses to be lazy, like being hungover for instance?
So my quest for healthier living has led me to a place of constant self evaluation. I don't think I am obsessed, but I do think I think too much! And what I think about, I dream about! I've always done that. My dreams are reflections on what is going on in my life and especially what is going on in my head. My dreams don't reflect my life exactly but the symbolism in them sometimes astounds me!
Like last nights dream. I was in a gym. The gym was full of really old equipment..I mean like really old. Rusty. In my dream I wasn't thrilled about being there. I got on a treadmill for like 2 minutes when I noticed a refrigerator across the way. A woman opened the door and it was full of cans of beer! In real life I prefer bottles so not quite sure why my brain chose cans. Anyway, I hopped off the treadmill in an instant and headed for the fridge. I grabbed myself a beer and then headed to the free weights. Put my beer in a holder that was probably meant for a water bottle and proceeded to do a very minimal amount of bicep curls, like 3 to be exact. That made me tired so I chugged my beer and headed to the community fridge for another one. I reluctantly headed to a rusty row machine, took a few big chugs off the beer can and placed it on the floor next to me. Row, row, rowed the machine three times which made me very thirsty so I finished my beverage, got off the machine and made my way back to the fridge. In route, I ran into a couple of friends standing at the reception desk drinking beers of their own and having a cheerful conversation. I decided then that my work out was over and my happy hour was about to begin! Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the gathering smokers outside. Bet you never saw that at any gym! Just as I began to feel quitters anxiety, I was awoken by my alarm clock. Thank God, because I think I would have smoked!
Now I don't know if you see the symbolism in this dream like I do, so let me just spell out my interpretation. For starters, the old exercise equipment. The irony is just screaming out at me! It is symbolic of my excuses and my many failed attempts at keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. The excuses are getting old and tired just like the machines. And then there's the beer and cigarettes. 'Nuff said.
Although I do know there is such a thing as withdrawal dreams and I am probably looking too deeply into it, I just can't help but to try and analyze it. And after doing so I have realized that if nothing else, this dream helped me have a light bulb moment!
My ultimate goal in life is to follow my dreams! If my dreams are a result of my thoughts, I better work on changing the way I think!
P.S. I still can't figure out the symbolism of beer in a can.

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