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Thursday, April 8, 2010

NOT a wimpy kid!

My son inherited my passion for the written word and my love of the outdoors. Just look at him...sitting in a tree reading one of his favorite books....

Part of Tyler's 5th grade homework is to read for half an hour every day. Thank God he loves to read, but the simple fact that it is homework, makes him push it off to the last minutes of the day. Except for yesterday. I was just about to call Tyler in to do his homework when I caught a glimpse of him through the kitchen window walking through the yard with a book in his hand. I wasn't sure where he was headed but I watched him make his way to his favorite climbing tree in the backyard and I knew what he was planning to do so I grabbed my camera. Look at him! He is just so stinkin' cute! What a priceless moment to watch your kid seek out his own private refuge away from the world to get lost in a good book.

Actually, I hope it's a good book. I've never read it. I certainly hope, judging by the title alone, that it has no real significance in Tyler's life. The book is called A Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Should I be scared?


  1. my oldest LOVES those books!!! it's gonna be a movie this summer!!

    that's awesome that he climbed the tree to read. my kids are outside kids, too. i love it!

  2. I was getting tired of seeing him read Harry Potter books day after day! Even his teacher told him it might be time to move on to a different kind of book. Glad he's moved on to wimpy kid stuff! HA!

  3. It must be a 5th grade thing b/c my nephew LOVES these books... there seem to be a bunch of them & he's read pretty much all of them! He looks so cute in the tree!