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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ready, Set, ACTION!

Had a light-bulb moment the other day while catching up on my recorded shows (love my DVR). I was watching Oprah; A live special for the 10th anniversary of O Magazine. She had her "Dream Team" on which consisted of Dr. Phil, who shaved off his mustache on live tv; Susie Orman, who's voice I consider to be a personal pet peeve; Nate Berkus who is welcome to decorate my world any day and Dr. Oz, who is a pretty stinkin' smart feller!

Oprah had her dream team reflect on the articles they wrote for her 10th anniversary addition of 'O'. The articles talked about the 10 things they knew for sure. When Oprah asked Dr. Oz what the top thing he knew for sure was he said that motivation comes from action! He always hears people say "If I could just find the motivation to do this or that....."

But what he knows for sure is that you have to take action. Start doing this and that and the motivation to continue doing it will follow!


How true is THAT????

Don't we all have things on our "TO DO" list that we are waiting for the motivation to accomplish? I mean don't get me wrong, I know sometimes you have to be in the mood to do certain things.

Like cleaning toilets for instance. Not something where "action" gets you excited for next time. But like exercise........
The hardest part for me is making the decision to go and then putting my sneakers on. After those two things, it's cake. And then if you keep it up, even if you don't want to, suddenly it starts to become a habit. Suddenly you feel better. you have more confidence. maybe you're even dropping a couple pounds. And VWA...LAA! Motivation has suddenly landed at your doorstep.

It's not magic.

It doesn't come natural.

Motivation comes from ACTION!

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